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About Us

Dallas-Fort Worth based Vaan Capital is a company which manages all real estate investment and development activities. Our strategic acquisitions approach and innovative development, has created a $100 million portfolio of high-performing quality assets including residential and multi-functional construction projects.

Our dynamic team of experts focus on creating value in all our development projects to maximize investor returns. We provide a diverse variety of portfolio management and development services from scratch to construction planning, developing, managing, leasing, and selling. Our philosophy is based on the highest quality and sustainable development that creates a new vision of how a modern property should look like. Since 2014, Vaan Capital has delivered $100 million in assets across 25 projects comprising 10000 square feet and 256 residential units.
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Our Values


Integrity is our first core value and a foundation for others! We achieve Integrity by implementing transparency on what we do and maintain at all levels. This helps us to prioritize quality and provide outstanding Customer Success.


Innovation is at our core, turning challenges into opportunities and ideas into creative solutions. We continuously pursue innovation that creates value for our customers, our partners and our business.


We are committed to excellence in everything they do, specifically Execution of our Construction Projects. We work with reputed designers, architects, and Licensed Contractors. Our team considers every aspect to deliver.
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